Saturday, March 10, 2012

Zenonia 2 Review (Iphone RPG)

Zenonia 2 is an Iphone RPG game developed by Gamevil. It is the sequel to Zenonia, which many consider to be the best Iphone RPG game. It brings many improvements such as a touch-optimized interface, asynchronous PVP and others.

Zenonia 2`s story begins after the events that took place in the original title. You can play as one the four characters: Lu the swordsman, Morphice the magician, Daza the martial artist, and Ecne the sharpshooter. Whichever character you choose, the four will become a single party at a certain point in the story.

The main quest of Zenonia involves collecting a set of mystical jewels that have the power to save the world from a great evil. Aside, from the main quest, the game also features 98 side quest, 152 different maps and thousands of different items. The game also features a PVP game where you can challenge other players to a fight.

Overall, Zenonia 2 is a great RPG and a must have for any fan of the original Zenonia Iphone RPG game.

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