Sunday, March 11, 2012

Rimelands: Hammer Of Thor Review (Iphone RPG)

Rimelands: Hammer Of Thor is an iPhone RPG game published by Crescent Moon Games in 2010. The main character of Rimelands is a young woman named Rose Cristo. She is sent on a quest to find the Hammer of Thor.

Rimelands is a turn-based iPhone RPG that reminds of Dungeons & Dragons gameplay with its dice-determined combat. The game features many different weapons, items and treasures which the player can use to improve Rose`s stats.

Rimelands iPhone RPG Screenshot 1
Beside the main quest, Rimelands also features multiple side quests which offer approximately 10 hours of gameplay alltogether.

Rimelands iPhone RPG Screenshot 2

The game`s graphics are gorgeus for an iPhone game. The characters and enemies are highly detailed and nicely animated. The game also features beautfiul snowy landscape above the ground and dungeons with cool lighting effects underground.

Rimelands iPhone RPG Screenshot 3

This iPhone RPG game reminds greatly of the classic Fallout series so it is definitely a must have for any Fallout fans.

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